The Hub (all-in-one WordPress site manager) client reports now include analytics! As promised, we’ve integrated the WPMU DEV Dashboard white label analytic stats and graph into reports.

If you missed it, in December we introduced incredibly easy WordPress analytic tracking into the WPMU DEV dashboard plugin. No hunting down and adding tracking codes. No third-party integrations. No extra plugins. “Just turn it on and start tracking.”

If you build and manage multiple WordPress sites, WPMU DEV makes them faster, more secure, higher performing, and optimizes both content and speed. Automate backups, scans, uptime monitoring, core, theme, and plugin updates. Everything you need for premium WordPress site management.

You need reports for two reasons:

  1. It’s a huge time saver. If you’re currently logging into each site, running scans and manually sending updates to your clients, the Hub can do all the dirty work for you.
  2. It’s key for client retention! Sending reports to your clients on a schedule shows them how hard you’ve been working on their behalf. It shows them you care about the details.

No need to trust our bias 😉 Get started on a full all-access membership with Hub and Reports free for 30-days. Try it and fall in love with it.

Now for the New Analytic Goodies

For the rest of this post, let’s look at how easy it is to get Analytics up and running with Reports.

I’ll assume your sites are already synced to the Hub. That sounds super fancy but it just means you’ve installed the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin and logged into your account. Our secure API does the rest.

From the Hub, select the Reports tab on one of your connected sites and choose New Report or Create Report. Or, if you’ve already created a report and just want to add analytics, click the gear icon and select edit.

In the services tab, you’ll see the new Analytics option. If analytics is not active, click Activate. Yep, I just did that all from the Hub.

Activate white label analytics from in the Hub
Now you can activate analytics right from inside the Hub.

And, of course, you can toggle and activate the other features you want to include in your Reports to your heart’s content.

We’ve covered scheduling, customizations, and email settings in great length so I won’t insult your intelligence by re-explaining picking colors, adding your logo, and adding email users that should receive the Report.

Save, and that’s it. Next time your reports go out a new section displaying analytics will be featured on your client report.

Google analytics in client reports
Beautiful analytic graphs embedded into your client reports.

Look at Those Sexy Graphics

First, I would like to note, if you’re getting as excited about these fly reports as I am, you’re pretty much a nerd.

So, let’s nerd-out for a minute.

Look at that graph. Each report includes a comparison chart of current visits to the previous period. Plus a break down of:

  • Visits
  • Unique visits
  • Pageviews
  • Unique Pageviews
  • Average Visit Time
  • Bounce Rate
  • Average Page Load Time

What about analytics for my Multisite?

This is pretty awesome. Each of your subsites can have their own report. Use a subdomain to set up a report that includes only the analytics for that site.

All of your clients have different needs. From networks to single sites, the Hub simplifies WordPress site management.

Analytic Tracking, Security, And Safety

We use anonymize IPs, don’t track/store any PII, and unlike Google Analytics, we respect the DoNotTrack header.

Does it replace Google Analytics? You can use both!

For elaborate tracking and statistical deep dives use custom dashboards or other services like Mixpanel. Our white label reports are just what you need for providing a basic overview to your clients.

If that’s not enough, sneak peek, we’ve got a Google Analytics integration coming as well (right after Google Analytics + gets a UX upgrade…surprise). Choose what analytics data you want to include in your reports. It’s gonna be awesome.

Ready to get started?

The Hub just keeps getting better. More control and better organization.

You don’t need me to convince you. Start using Reports, and all the WPMU DEV plugins, services, and support absolutely free. Cancel anytime in the next 30-days, you won’t be charged.

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