If you are trying to find a web hosting provider, then you most likely have heard of SiteGround. It is one of the biggest hosting companies out there, powering more than 2 million sites. This hosting provider has been in business for more than ten years and has been delivering high-quality service to start-ups, hobbyists, and growing businesses.

SiteGround offers a wide variety of hosting plans to fit many different types and sizes of sites. Some of its hostings include WooCommerce and WordPress hosting, as well as a variety of servers offerings including cloud hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated hosting. You can also opt for a managed or unmanaged plan if you wish.

SiteGround might have a good reputation, but what are the advantages and disadvantages of the leading web hosting platform?

Advantages of SiteGround

  1. Speed and Performance One of SiteGround’s most significant advantages is its speed and performance. SiteGround hosting uses a variety of techniques to ensure that it is delivering the highest quality web site hosting to its customers. SiteGround utilizes Solid State Drive (SSD), which is much more efficient than HDD. This data storage technology can help your site load much faster. No matter what plan you choose, SiteGround will provide SSD to its customers.
    SiteGround uses NGINX, which is a high-performance server which is the alternative to an Apache server. This type of server delivers high speeds and reliability to its hosting customers. Nginx, unlike Apache, is built on a lean architecture, helping to increase the page loading speeds.
    Another way that SiteGround speeds up websites is by using CDN (content delivery network). This system delivers pages and web content to site visitors based on the geographic location of the user. CloudFlare is the CDN that SiteGround deploys.
    For SiteGround’s WordPress hosting customers, they have access to SuperCacher, which can help speed up sites through three caching levels.
  1. Uptime Guarantee A high uptime guarantee is something that is essential to many people. Having a higher uptime guarantee means that your website will spend less time offline. SiteGround guarantees to all their customers a 99.99% guarantee, which means about 4 minutes in downtime each month.

    The SiteGround platform is built on LXC (Linux containers) technology, which is more efficient and flexible than other platforms.

    SiteGround has an active server monitoring team that can help to detect issues and take necessary steps to prevent them before they become a problem for you. If any issues do occur, the DevOps team fixes the problems as fast as possible, reducing the downtime you experience.

  1. Data Recovery If the worst does happen to your website, SiteGround has got you covered. The hosting service created its own backup system in 2015 to help reduce the time it takes to restore sites.
  1. Security Every day, big and small websites are attacked by malware. You should make sure that the hosting provider you choose does an excellent job of protecting your website. SiteGround has developed its own account isolation on shared servers to make sure your website is always secure.

    You can also choose to add on some additional security features like the HackAlert monitoring that keeps you informed if there are any attacks on your site. It costs only $1 a month but can keep your website safe.

    Depending on your plan, you might also receive a free SSL certificate. Having one is essential to protect data like passwords and credit card numbers.

  1. Free Domain No matter which hosting plan you choose, you get a free domain included. As long as you stay with SiteGround, you will never have to pay for your domain, saving you money and the effort of renewing it later.
  1. Customer Support Having access to responsive customer support is essential. While you hope that nothing will go wrong, the chances are you will need help. Regardless of whether you need simple account support or more technical assistance, SiteGround can help you.

    When you are first starting off, SiteGround is extremely helpful, and can even migrate your site for free. The company’s support is available 24/7, and you can reach them by chat, call, or through the ticket system. The SiteGround team of experts will respond to each support request in ten minutes or less.

    All customers also have access to pre-recorded webinars that help explain the hosting features better.


  1. Limited Storage

Even though SiteGround has many advantages, it does have a few drawbacks. If you want to commit to a shared hosting plan, you will only get a certain amount of storage space. While this might not be a problem for you, you will have to watch how much content you upload to your website. If you need more than 10-30 GB of space, then you might want to pick a different hosting provider for your shared hosting plan.

  1. Basic UX of the cPanel

This won’t affect some of the site owners, but the UX of the cPanel is rather basic. If SiteGround were to redesign it, it would be visually more appealing and make navigation simpler.

  1. Renewal Price

SiteGround boasts attractive prices when you are signing up for your initial plan. The deals are very attractive, especially to site owners who are on a budget. However, once you go to renew your hosting contract, you will quickly find that the prices increase substantially.

  1. Setup Fee for Monthly Billing

SiteGround is a bit different from other major hosting providers because the hosting service does allow you to pay for your hosting plan monthly, rather than paying the entire contract bill amount upfront. However, in order to set up your account to pay monthly, you have to pay a one-time setup fee of $14.95.

SiteGround is one of the largest hosting providers, and it does have its advantages and disadvantages. However, it is great for site owners who have a WordPress site, Joomla site, Drupal site, a blog, or want managed web hosting. Before committing to SiteGround, make sure to check out their site and talk to their live agents to figure out if the hosting provider is right for you.

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