Understand Types of WordPress Caching →

This is a solid little article from the folks over at SpinupWP about caching in WordPress. “Caching” is one of the most simply and complicated words, almost simultaneously. The heart of the issue, there there are so many different kinds. A few years back I tried to tease those types of caching apart, but but different takes on the same basic material work better for different people.

Ashley’s article is a lot prettier, more direct, and actionable than mine. I particularly like all the pretty diagrams they’ve included in the article. The core point of all caching, as I see it, is in this quote:

Before we dive into the various caching mechanisms, it’s essential to understand the benefits of caching. Caching plays two major roles:

  1. It improves application performance. For WordPress sites, this means that your site loads faster.
  2. It increases application throughput. Meaning, your site can handle more traffic.

What’s more, caching can increase both application performance and throughput without increasing hosting costs. This is because you need far less system resources (CPU & memory) to host a site that has been correctly cached. It really is a win-win strategy (when done correctly).

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