“Open Source and Power” with Matt Mullenweg and DHH →

Almost everyone who reads us knows Matt Mullenweg, the leader of Automattic/Jetpack, and the WordPress project. And you may know David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) from his leadership of the Ruby on Rails project, or from their app Basecamp.

And this podcast episode, from Basecamp’s Rework podcast, where Matt and DHH discuss control and power of open source. The discussion was catalyzed by Automattic’s recently announced round of funding from Salesforce.

I’m not sure there’s a single revelation in the podcast, if I’m honest. But it’s very interesting to hear two people whose work and values I respect a great deal (for different reasons) discuss anything together. Especially something as consequential as the consolidation of power under capitalism, what a Chrome (browser) based mono-culture mean to the open web, and what role they should plan in all of that. Give it a listen!

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