SmartSensors Relay the Status of Temperature, Airflow, Water/Leaks, and Contact Closures to the SRC, Creating a Central Point-of-View for Real-Time Decisions

Raritan®, a brand of Legrand®, is a trusted provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions. The company announced the launch of Smart Rack Controller (SRC). The new offering addresses data center management and facility requirements to collect environmental information around IT devices via connected SmartSensors, and security conditions on rack door handles and card readers—without the necessity to significantly reconfigure power distribution or IT infrastructure to get visibility and alerts.

A lot of facility and data center operators do not always have access to the right tools to monitor thousands of devices, and measure environmental and security variables as well as around edge networks, data centers, and even IT equipment in remote locations. In addition to a shortage of tools, operators are hesitant to deploy monitoring technology because of special power needs or may lack the space required for full-scale device deployments.

By contrast, the SRC solution is developed on Raritan’s Xerus™Technology platform that increases a layer of intelligence to any location by acting as an environmental monitoring connection point for SmartSensor data.

An LCD display on the SRC offers access to all SmartSensor readings, including humidity, temperature, airflow, water/leaks, differential air pressure, proximity detection, contact closures, vibration, and more. The information gathered can be passed on to any Building Management System (BMS) or Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring (DCIM) tool for detailed analysis, through protocols like Modbus over TCP/IP, SNMP, and JSON-RPI.

Other SRC sensor management solution advantaged involve:

  • Minimizing the hours needed to track IT assets, hence saving time and money.
  • Ensuring uptime by monitoring racks for possible hot spots.
  • Saving on cooling costs by confidently raising data center temperatures.
  • Maintaining cabinet and enclosure security with USB peripherals and contact closure sensors.
  • Enhancing data center uptime by receiving environment alerts.
  • Optimizing strategic and tactical decision making for the IT environment by tracking IT changes and growth in real-time.
  • Gaining audited controlled access to sensitive IT assets.
  • Available in 100-240VAC and +/-48VDC power options.

“We engineered the Raritan SRC to be an all-in-one intelligent sensor management tool to support data center, facility, and security managers’ needs to monitor their critical remote and local infrastructure as well as promote better business continuity,” said Calvin Nicholson, Sr. Director Product Management, Raritan.

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