cPanel web hosting works in 3 stages.

Firstly, the client gets themselves a web domain. To run this website efficiently and sensibly they require an external source or person to help them. The client purchases cPanel to provide this assistance as an affordable alternative to specialized employees.

Next, the software is installed by the client. The client quickly finds that cPanel web hosting affords them not only intimate access to website administration and control but also does not interfere with the domain hosts requirement to occasionally perform maintenance on their servers. By using cPanel the client also finds that their productivity and efficiency increases as less time is consumed by database and website management.

The final step revolves around the client evolving cPanel to meet with their needs. A crucial and highly-useful feature of cPanel is the ability to add on additional service protocols to the program. This means that the autonomy afforded by cPanel can actually be increased for any number of other website administration procedures.