Joomla provides its users with many resources that are easy to find and easy to use. A list of resources is provided on the Joomla website. Each resource has a description and a link to the page containing the resources. Basically, the resources provided are another way that the Joomla community reaches out and helps its members.

Joomla has many official sites, 8 to be exact, that provide resources. These resources are directly linked to Joomla pages and offer help and advice about free Joomla templates, the community, extensions, forums and more. Joomla also provides links to extensions of their website.

Joomla also provides a list of resources to sites that they follow. These resources include links to information like updating, management, forms, user comments and organization. Joomla provides a list of links to feeds they think are worth following as well. Feeds are used to alert users when new information from a site they follow is posted. Joomla makes sure to monitor and update the feeds.