Install WordPress with a Managed Database on Digital Ocean →

Digital Ocean, a popular VPS hosting provider, recently announced a hosted-MySQL platform. The reasons you may want to do use this (vs putting the MySQL instance on the same server as your WordPress wed server) are a little more subtle than I want to get into here, but suffice it to say you’d get better scalability but a possibly more complex setup. For that reason, I’m linking to this tutorial on the topic from Mark Drake.

I’ve got an interest in using this for some syncing of my various development environments. But enough about me.

This tutorial does a few great things, but the most interesting one is that setting up of the database. In many ways, the rest is a fairly common WordPress install guide. The use of Apache (vs Nginx) is one of the aspects of that stuff we could have long debates about, but again I’ll defer that discussion to other venues and opportunities.


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