New Round Here?

Meet Defender, our premiere security plugin and your personal [internet] crime fighting machine (he’s not as scary as he looks, unless you’re an evil hacker).

Hackers… Brute force attacks… Malicious bots…

They’re all no match for Defender’s mighty WordPress security shields and cloaking technology.

Tag-team with this plugin for instant access to: user security scans, vulnerability reports, two-factor authentication, safety recommendations, and tons more!

The point is…

Defender Has The Scariest Web Villains Squirming

And in it’s latest update, this robust plugin adds even more notches to it’s heavyweight security belt.

The best part?

Enforcing most of them takes no more than a click of a button.

But before we press on, PSA:

All of the features covered in this article are only available with Defender Pro (as opposed to the free version of Defender).

A WPMU DEV membership gives you full access to this, and all of our other award winning premium WordPress plugins. There’s also a 100% risk-free 30-day trial – so you’re welcome to try before you buy.

But as I said earlier, the safety of your website depends on this – so on to the barnstorming features!

Hit Hackers Where It Hurts: HTTP Security Headers

Much like relationships, communication is one of the keys to a safer and more secure website.

And effective communication is what HTTP security headers do best.

In simple terms, these head-butting headers talk to web browsers and tell them how to act during interactions with your website. Helping to double down on your security and prevent malicious attacks.

HTTP security headers come in various shapes and sizes (I cover each below) – all safeguarding you against different types of attacks.

They’re also super easy to implement on your website. And like most Defender features – they’re literally a click away from being instantly weaponized.

*This security feature was originally requested by our WPMU DEV community member Gary. Thanks again for your input Gary!

How To Activate Defender’s HTTP Security Headers

From the Defender dashboard, find the “Security Tweaks” section (you can’t miss it!). You’ll see a preview list of the security tweaks Defender recommends for your website.

Either click one of these, or click “view all.”

Start at the Defender dashboard

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